11 January 2010

Haven't been blogging much lately....

Over the Christmas period, as well as playing in the snow (kind of anyway) we have mainly been getting ready for the new arrival in February, just three weeks to go!

We've got everything out of the loft, sorted all the clothes and bought new mattresses, changing mat and bath equipment for the little one. It was lovely looking through all the baby things again, just a shame we don't know what we are expecting!

Leah has been really helpful too and had helped me with all the sorting out. Now we just have to try and get her to change rooms which she doesn't want to do. We bought her a Peppa Pig duvet set so maybe that will change her mind....

I've also been knitting a few things for baby, but haven't got round to taking any photos yet, mainly due to the light being so poor of late. Maybe its due to all the snow??

Anyway, I have got some photos to post from the last few weeks, but I don't have a chance to do it now as Mr. Tesco is due to arrive any minute (its too much hard work to go the supermarket to do a full weeks shop on my own now, the interent is great!)

See you again later with some piccies



periwinkle said...

don't worry about pics -- just have a relax and take care of yourself or you might be seeing No 2 sooner than planned :-)

Joy said...

My goodness that came aroung quick. Take care of yourself. My first was 12 days late but my 2nd was 3 weeks early. He and I were fine but be prepared you never know. In fact I went into labour the day his pram arrived.
Thinking of you, x

Anonymous said...

Take care :) xo

Chars said...

Enjoy your last precious days with Leah. Sounds a bit like you are nesting :) Good luck with it all. Hugs x

LizzieJane said...

I wonderered how you were doing. I hope things are going well for you. I can hardly believe that your new little baby will soon be here. So looking forward to seeing those first photos.

Kyoko said...

AAww, do take care of yourself. :D
How sweet that Leah is helping you out!

Busy little Bee said...

I wish you all the best for the delivery. Hope it goes smooth and as planned.:o) It is a bit exciting not to know if it's a boy or a girl. But a healthy baby is the most important anyway.:o)

Have a nice and relaxing weekend with your family.