12 August 2009

Don't forget!!!!

I just wanted to post to remind my visitors that if you want your own bunny or toy personally made by me, you just have to e-mail me and I can do it for you! (hetty24tigger@yahoo.com)

I can make a selection of toys with various outfits and themes, just ask.

I always try to be reasonable in my pricing and we can always come to some arrangement. Just because I haven't posted a picture of the finished toys doesn't mean they are not available.

Here are some examples of finished toys....


TeddyBearsCottage said...

Hetty's happy days. The new softies are lovely!. How did the weekend go looking after the horses x

LissyLou said...

How funny!! we've probably walked past each other, or been in the bluebar at the same time!! i'm sure we were at the bluebar the same Saturday!!!
I know where abouts you stayed - we were right near the bluebar and shop.
Theres not much in the town, but the beach and views are great and we loved the blu bar.