02 August 2008

Got my liquorice swap.....yum, yum, yummmmmm...

Yesterday I went to the post office to collect my package - and yes - it was my liquorice swap from my friend in Finland, thank you dear, sooooo much!! ( I will e-mail you too xx).

It was DELICIOUS, and sad to say one bag is already gone (with the help of Richard and my Dad!!). That was the salmiakki one which is lovely. We don't have that kind here and it is definitely my favourite :o)
I am just looking forward to trying the rest now LOL!!
Today Richard and I have been pulling weeds from the garden - not our favourite thing to do but something that has to be done every now and again.
The sunshine and showers has made the weeds go mad, and what makes it worse is that the weeds escape from next door and come through the fence - so I've been pulling bindweed like mad and it keeps coming, and coming and coming! I got it all in the end :o)
I also gave the bird bath and bird table a feed so I can refill everything later and keep the little birdies coming. Well actually, not so little as we have quite a few magpies and carrion crows that visit our garden daily, as well as a pair of wood pigeons and a pair of collared doves.
Now we have just finished lunch and am going to relax a little while Leah has her sleep....

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het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hi Hetty, Like you, my family and I can't live without liquorice.. We call this Drop overhere. I was thinking; are you dutch? As mostly only dutch people seem to like it?!