26 August 2008

Cornwall '08 - boat trip part two.....

We made a quick detour to the pasty shop (of course) before embarking on our trip, but I don't think Leah was that inpressed with it. I can't make out whether she was trying to escape from the pasty or her Daddy... Richard is enjoying it anyhow :o)

Here is my little monkey (Leah, not Richard) pulling her 'face' that she finds highly amusing at the moment. She does it when she's in a funny mood, if she doesn't want to eat any more, if something tastes different to what she expected or if you ask her to 'do the look' - more or less for anything really! You can see see she is enjoying her crisps - Organic of course LOL!

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Grooveycrafts said...

Thanks for sharing, its great to see what you got up to. Thanks for your postcard which made it to me. I think I've got 5 in total :)