03 August 2008

had a FAT lunch again!

Today we went to my parent's house for lunch as their friends were visiting to see our little nephew - and the rest of us of course.
Mum cooked a tasty steak and mushroom pie, with beans, carrots and potatoes from the garden (yum) and also some peas which weren't!
We visited the hens (who had laid 5 eggs for us - thanks girls) and fed them some clover flowers which they seem to love.
Our friends brought their dog, Oz with them. He is a black labrador/collie cross and is very friendly. Leah was a bit wary and didn't like him coming near her feet :oS He was very well behaved whilst we ate, and left us, and the food, alone.
We had a raspberry tart and lemon torte for dessert, along with some clotted cream ice cream, and me being a little piggy had a bit of both, and it was well worth it.
We also had a bottle of champagne to celebrate little William's safe arrival.
When we got home we watched the Hungarian grand prix, and saw the finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen win his first grand prix. I expect he was thrilled!!
Just going to relax now, I made some fbs Thursday so will post some piccies before I send out.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, we sure did!!


LizzieJane said...

Oh my goodness your post today made me so hungry!
What a delicious meal and what a lovely day!

Chars said...

The pie looks soooo delicious - would you mind sharing the recipe sometime when you have time? So much for my new diet - but hey I will have to plan for it :)

Esther said...

a little cheat Chars, that wasn't Mum's pie, just a picture I found!!

Sorry to mislead you :o(