29 August 2008

We have a budding gardener in the making ('scuse the pun!)..

Children of Leah's age learn things so quickly and copy EVERYTHING you do. I must have been watering the potted plants in the garden, because someone decided that they wanted to do the same thing with the watering can!

There is no water in it (can you imagine the mess that would cause?!?) but looks effective all the same! Next year I think I'll grow some fruits and vegetables in the garden and Leah can help. My beans this year didn't grow at all - you can just about make out their sorry pot in the back right hand corner of the garden, just behind the geraniums. I have grown tomatoes before, but I didn't get any from Dad this year.
Next year we plan to have some strawberry plants as Leah LOVES those. She would eat them until they come out of her ears!
I think she looks so sweet here :o)


Anonymous said...

Hello Esther ! Come when you want :) You are welcome ! Thank you for your sweet comment ! You have such a cute little Leah :) Have a lovely weekend :)))

Grooveycrafts said...

Aww that is so cute, Next year she will be ready to help you plant and will ask you a million questions about everything too. I remember when I worked in Nursery the children loved it as we grow broadbeans and they grow quite tall quickly. The sad thing is that the beans take some time to grow so they never get to taste them. cherish these moments :)

LizzieJane said...

How cute is this! What a wonderful photo for your album.
How lucky you will be to have all that help in the garden,

Rachael Rabbit said...

Perhaps Leah needs her own minature gardening kit ;-)