12 September 2008

Wheal Coates - a Cornish tin mine....

Where we stay in Cornwall has lots of historical tin mine remains, and below is one of them. (For those of you that often see tin mine images from Cornwall - Wheal Coates is one that you will probably be familiar with.

It is protected by The National Trust - although free to visit - and the views out to the Atlantic Ocean are fantastic.

You can walk right down to the mine, but as it was very windy when we visited, we gave that a miss this time!

Here are Leah & I posing by part of the old bulidings - just before it poured down with rain-

and here is another part of the old ruins - what could be some kind of shaft? - I'm not quite sure!

What a spectacular view!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful ! Esther !

Claire, said...

That first shot is stunning.

ellie said...

That's a place where I just have to visit one day. Thank you for sharing! :)

LizzieJane said...

What a very beautiful place, I would love to visit one day.