03 September 2008

A break from the grindstone.....

I've just put my pen and calculator down for a break now and am getting ready to eat my lunch (not quite as exciting as the picture above!)

As I didn't post yesterday I thought I ought to show my face and say 'hello' to anyone who drops by :o)

I was supposed to going to see 'Mamma Mia' tonight with my Mum, but we've left it too late.... the only performances available were a 'sing-a-long' (not my Mum's nor my cup of tea) or a performance for the hard of hearing with subtitles.....needless to say we won't be going now, but I do have an ideal present to get Mum for Christmas!

it's a shame as I've heard that the film is very good but, as you can imagine it is coming to the end of its showing at the cinema.

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Anonymous said...

A croissant ? Good Lord ! Leave me some ! Please !