05 September 2008

Eeek! naughty me!

I've just had an eBay moment and bought this lovely Cherry Tree Hill yarn from Thread Yarn and Fabric.

I was looking through my Favorite Socks book last night and saw that they used this in one of the designs, so I know it will be suitable to make something with. I have problems understanding the US yarn weights, as the fingering yarn (I thought) was 3 ply, but it seems that the yarns they use are advertised as 4 ply (I found this out by e-mailing a few suppliers and searching for the yarns on the internet).

I am looking forward to this arriving.

I have also bid on a lovely hand dyed yarn by Angels and Elephants in lovely autumnal colours, so hopefully I can win that auction. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed :o)

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