13 September 2008

The Essex Country show - part two....

As well as looking at the animals and the displays they took part in, in the main arena, there were also lots of other things to do.

Leah has never been on a carousel before, so I was a good Mummy and went on with her (she kept pointing at it for ages - so we got the hint).

It was a little faster than ones I have been on before, and Leah was ok for a while - then got a bit worried! She didn't actually cry at all, but got a bit unsettled - the brave little girl!

I also had the opportunity to hold a beautiful snowy owl (the males are more white all over so I was told).
You had to make a small donation to hold a small owl - so when I asked the man which one I wanted to hold he said any one within reason. So I chose this beauty - and even stroked her chest! I was a bit worried she'd eat my finger, but luckily she didn't :o)

Richard had a try at electronic clay pigeon shooting - he did pretty well for a first attempt, especially as he's never tried the real thing (in real clay pigeon shooting the clays are small discs shot out by a machine - no birds are hurt at all!)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lots of fun !
Lovely carousel ! I went on a carousel with my daugther too :) Nice memories :)

LizzieJane said...

How lucky were you to be able to hold an owl, I am so envious.