11 September 2008

Some goodies to show you......

This morning, after doing all the ironing and cleaning, Leah and I (well mainly me) decided to pop out for a bit to a local supermarket to pick up some avocados and plums and for some reason my brain wanted to take a detour into town. I needed to get my friend her birthday request, so I thought it rude not to go along to my local (well nearest decent one) yarn shop, to look for something nice to make my bunnies from (I am still practicing so have not used a good quality yarn so far).

I saw this Sirdar Eco wool, which comes in lovely undyed colours, and has a wonderful feel to it to. Just right for a little bunny boy or girl.

These are the three shades I chose, all good for bunnies......

..... and a little closer look at them here.

The next thing I want to show you in my next sock book purchase - I can't get enough of them at the moment, and once I have practiced enough from various patterns, I'd like to create my own designs from different stitches and lacework you can find in most knitting magazines.

I ordered this from Amazon and it arrived yesterday - pretty quick delivery - and I was intrigued to see what was inside. I always find that although the internet is great for shopping, I still never quite know what is going to arrive or what it will be like, especially if I haven't seen the product 'in the flesh' before (sometimes you can see things in the shops but get thm cheaper online, which is great when you can net a bargain).

I was suprised to see what was inside - but then if I actually read the title properly I should have guessed (little box of socks!)

Here's a selection of my favourite designs in the pack - what i like is that they are each on an individual card, so they are really easy to take about with you (if you knit on the go) and are also really easy to manage at home (if you knit whilst watching TV with your feet up on the sofa!)

We are going on holiday to Austria soon, and as we are staying in a hotel, someone - i.e. me - will have to stay in the room of an evening to make sure the little pudding is ok. I know that hotels are safe and we could leave her there, but as things have happened in the past, I would never forgive myself if something happened to her whilst we enjoyed ourselves downstairs. It would also break my hear of she woke up and no one was there to give her a cuddle!

Anyway, back to the subject in hand, I think these would make a great addition to pack in my case for something to do in the evenings - that or to read a good book (of which I will be taking a few ..)


Anonymous said...

I always wondered what was in the box of socks. Thanks for sharing, very interesting. I'll pop over at Ravelry and say Hi.

Chars said...

love the idea of homemade socks... great idea to take them on hols with you...