13 September 2008

The Essex Country show - part three - the machines!

Finally I wanted to show you some of the steam engines and other vehicles they had on display. Richard said I was a geek for taking photos of these, but I didn't really care!

This was the first one I saw and thought it was a rather nice specimen to show on my blog...

and this one was working to do something with straw - not quite sure what - but I'm sure it was useful!

There was some power taking place- where a very powerful tractor like thing (the best description I can think of) has to pull another as far as it can without the engine blowing (you should smell it at the end!) They were really noisy but quite amusing to watch. Its quite difficult to explain exactly, but you get the idea..

here it is being hooked up just before the ploughing takes place...the second truck has a blade type thing at the front, which digs in the further it gets pulled, making it more difficult to pull along..

...and finally some cool American (or American style) trucks which looked great all lined up together.
Richard liked the yellow one best I think :o)


Anonymous said...

Waouh ! I love those steam machines ! They are so beautiful ! Thank you for sharing :)
Have a lovely weekend :)

Iranise Fialho said...

Your blog is beautiful, you and your family also...
I love decos, yours are perfect!

Iranise in Brazil

Iranise Fialho said...

Oh! Sorry! Your they are fbs!