09 October 2008

Our day out in Innsbruck

Last Thursday we made the most of our bus card and took a trip to Innsbruck. It is a half hour journey by car but took I hour 20 minutes by bus. It wasn't too bad, at least the scenery was lovely all the way there!

Here I am in the square where the golden roof is (not sure of the name) and behind me in the background is the river that runs through the centre of Innsbruck. There are lots of great shops here, includung designer ones, it was difficult not to spend all my money! Luckily I resisted!

Leah and I decided to pose in front of the golden roof - you can just make it out in the background....

We had luch outside the Best Western hotel and I had a lovely farmers salad which included roast potatoes and bacon. Leah was mostly interested in my cucumber and tomato - and also her Granny's spaghetti Bolognese :o) That is her favourite.
Leah was also fascinated with the pigeons and followed them all over the place!

To finish, Richard's Mum ordered us all an apple strudel, but to be honest it looked better than it tasted! I don't really know what I expected - but this one was really stodgy in the middle with not that nuch taste. I was expecting to have more layers of pastry and to be a bit crisper. maybe I was too fussy!

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