29 April 2009

A weekend in the New Forest

This weekend we spent a lovely few days in a chalet in the New Forest and lucky for us the sun shone until the day we were due to come home.

We saw lots of ponies and foals - and those that didn't have foals seemed to be pregnant. it must be the time of year. We didn't see many stallions though, I assume they must be off on their own somewhere.

I just found this adorable!!!

We went to Lymington on Saturday afternoon and had a look around the shops after lunch, and also went for a nice walk by the marina. There was even time for an ice cream - well when isn't there time really??

The marina was lovely and the water looked beautiful. What I would give to have a boat all to myself!

Sunday we gave Leah a treat and went to Longdown activity farm. There were loads of baby animals, including these little goats. can you believe that for every feed the farm uses 45 litres of milk for these little ones!

They are so adorable! We even got a chance to feed them ourselves (excuse my head being missing, Richard was more concerned with getting Leah in the photo than me!)

There was a small animal petting area so we got to hold baby chicks (so delicate!)

and even stroked some rabbits....

After, we stopped at an area of the Forest called Bolderwood where there is a viewing area to see some wild deer. they were a lot closer than the time we came before, but still didn't take a very good photo. You get the idea anyway. What's peculiar is that the area smells really musty, it must be the deer although you wouldn't think they would!

I had to post some more pictures of the ponies, they say it all really. This is why I love horses :o)

I think this one was expecting :o)

From Milford on sea you could clearly see the Isle of Wight and the needles (the light house). Again not a very good picture, I must get a better camera!

Finally Leah and her Daddy partaking in her favourite pastime at the moment, throwing stones on the beach! it was a lovely weekend, just such a shame we always have the washing to deal with when we get back :o(


LissyLou said...

Lovely photo of the horse and foal x

Jacqueline Roy said...

What lovely photos. Your daughter is really precious. I love the countryside in these photos. By the way, I'm Jacqueline from Canada and I check your Blog regularly.

ellie said...

What a great trip you had! :) I love the horses and foal photos. :)

Kyoko said...

AAAwww what lovely photos!
Yep the photo with a baby horse is really cute. Leah is such a lovely little girl. I can see she really loves animals. 45L of milk is alot!! :D

LizzieJane said...

What lovely photo's and what a fun day out you all had. I just love the little foal, it is so adorable. Leah must have a wonderful time.