28 April 2009

A spring cardigan

I decided to make Leah a white cardigan as for some reason she doesn't have one and it is a good colour to go with most clothes, no matter what colour they are.

I chose this little cardigan and although it is supposed to be age 18 months it fits her perfectly (to fit 56cm chest). I decided not to add the ribbon detail as stated in the pattern, so instead I chose some little ladybird buttons to add a little colour.

I think they are rather charming!

She wore it on our weekend away to the new Forest this weekend (see later posts) but were almost not going to make it seeing as Leah was sick all Thursday night. I felt so sorry for her when she had nothing left in her stomach but was still being ill every half hour. Good old Mummy stayed up with her until 3.30am and stayed awake while she was asleep in our bed until 4.30am. Funny how they bounce back at that age - she was fine the next day! Shame about me, I felt rotten on Saturday and slept all evening, then nearly passed out Sunday Morning. Lucky a bit of breakfast fixed that :o)


Joy said...

Oh poor Leah and poor you. Little cardis and your tale did take me back to those days. Thankfully mine are over most of that now. X

Kyoko said...

I hope both Leah and you are feeling better now.
The cardigan you have made is gorgeous! You knit so neatly too :D Love the ladybird details. Which yarn did you use? It looks so soft :D

Chars said...

Sorry to hear Leah has been sick - glad she bounced back well :)

I love the Cardigan - very sweet :)

ellie said...

Beautiful cardigan and the buttons are really lovely! :)