10 April 2009

Progress so far.......

I wanted to show the progress I am making with Leah's cardigan. I am pleased so far and have managed to do the decreases for the armholes without too much trouble so far - I haven't even had to undo anything due to incorrect patterning!!! (is that a real phrase??) I am looking forward to finishing this as I think I will be really pleased with the final garment.

These are the current socks I am knitting and I am not really getting the vibe with these ones. The pattern repeat is really straightforward, but I am bored already. I expect they will get finished eventually. They are the Jaywalker pattern by Grumperina and are well worth a go as they do look good, I just don't really have the urge with these - a bit like my lack of enthusiasm with the Monkeys!!

On another note our shower decided to stop working this morning. Luckily I phoned the fitter who did our kitchen - who can also do electrics - and he's coming over to put a new switch in, in the next hour or so. Not bad for Good Friday. I expected to be without the shower until next week. Leah didn't mind too much though, as it meant we had to share a bath this morning!

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LizzieJane said...

Wonderful knitting projects, I can't wait to see the little cardigan on Leah I bet she will look lovely. I have to say I like your socks it is quite a colorful pattern.
Have a lovely Easter.