14 April 2009

Another good ride

I had a great two hour ride yesterday and got to ride one of the big horses at the stables whose name is Chaka. it was a really good ride and quite uneventful compared to some of the others we have been on.

I think the most eventful thing was coming across a tractor and plough on one of the tracks which none of the horses liked, but luckily no one came to any misdemeanor!

The weather stayed dry and as it was overcast there weren't too many dog walkers about which is always a relief. He was really well behaved, the only thing with such a big horse (he is 18hh plus) is that the transition from canter to trot is sooooo bumpy it bumped me out of the sassle each time! He also needs a lot of room to get his strides in, so he didn't stay in canter as long as some of the ponies. I still enjoyed him though, although I know I will be aching today adn tomorrow, especially my thighs and shoulders!

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