11 March 2009

This is how it's turning out......

Here is a closeup of the fabric I have knitted for Leah's cardigan using the Sirdar fresco yarn. It is lovely and soft and had a nice feel about it, even if it is a little bright (I should have enough left over to make a vest tp for the summer for myself, but that's a different story).

I decided to post a picture to show how the yarn patterning has varied. To be honest I should have knitted each piece with two different balls and alternated the rows, but I didn't think that the yarn would have such a strange effect. (in fact that's what the pattern for the vest top suggests so I should have known better really - although that pattern only arrived yesterday).

You can see how the left hand piece (the right front) varies from the back and the one on the right (the left front) so I hope once the borders are knitted on it won't actually show up that much. I just hope Leah will wear it as it it will be one of her more 'funky' items of clothing!


sue said...

I think it looks quite pretty. The yarn looks very soft too, is it nice to knit with.

Kyoko said...

Love the effects of the yarn and its texture. The variegated pattern looks fine to me. I had similar experience with one of my wool but I never really knew how to over come it. Thank you for sharing the idea!
It will be a nice lovely cozy cardi!
BTW, also read your previous post. Yeah that is a bit strange! Hope you were OK.