23 March 2009

A new horserider in the family?

Just before I went horse riding yesterday I found a certain someone wearing my riding hat! I couldn't resist taking a photo of her as I think she looks really cute haha!

I don't think she would be allowed to ride with her dummy in though (we keep trying to hide it from her but she manages to find it somehow) and I think the horses are a little big for her still. Where I ride the insurance they have says that children have to be four before being allowed on even a pony ride.....what a shame.

I rode one of my favourites yesterday - Puzzle - who I haven't ridden since before I was pregnant, so getting on for 3 years! She was as good as I remember and I had a lovely ride. I also booked a 2 hour hack for Easter Monday so I am looking forward to that now.


ellie said...

LOL! Your little rider friend looks really cute! I'm glad to hear you had fun ride - it always makes the day. :)

LizzieJane said...

I think you better buy her a pony!