26 March 2009

An early start and some finished socks

Leah decided to get up early this morning - and by that I mean slapping both Richard and I in the face (not hard!) unitl one of us decided we had no choice other than to get up! So I drew the short straw as Richard has work today and got up at 6.25 am!!! That is EARLY for me!

It wasn't too bad, we just snuggled up on the sofa and watched a little TV.

I finished my Monkeys off this morning by grafting the last toe and this is how they turned out. The yarn is from Babylonglegs and is lovely, I just don't think that the yarn and the pattern were quite suited.

We had breakfast at about 7am (still early) and I couldn't resist Leah in her pyjamas and dressing gown eating her Marmite on toast! She looks so cute :o)

I love the bed hair too!! She's now having a nap so I can have a bit of a rest as I'm a little tired also.....yawn.......yawn............


Kat said...

I love the sock pattern, and have been wanting to try it myself. My fiend has also been knitting these socks with a variagated yarn and has had similar issues with colours not being done justice. But I think they look fab!

ellie said...

Beautiful socks Esther! :) And Leah looks so cute! :)

Chars said...

Yawn - nothing worse than such an early start... but looks like you put your time to good use :) Your socks look great and Leah looks so cute :)

LizzieJane said...

Wonderful socks they look so cosy and warm.
How cute does little Leah look, bed hair and all!