19 March 2009

A busy weekend ahead (for a change!)

This weekend is going to busy for me for a change. it starts tomorrow evening with a night in with the girls at my friend's house. We are having pizza, watching a DVD and I'm going to make a coffee and walnut cake to take round. We should be able to have a good gossip too!

Saturday I'm off to Olympia 2 in London to the Stitch and Craft Show 2009 which I am hoping will be a good day out. I should be able to get some good things to bring home :o)

Sunday is Mother's day and although we haven't got anything planned I am going riding in the morning, so that's my little treat to myself. Hopefully I won't get Jacob again this week as he was a bit of a naughtly boy on Sunday, bucking during the canters!!!

Off to get dinner now, chicken in a pesto and creme fraiche sauce with veg and rice (got to have my veggies!!)


ellie said...

Have a great time on the weekend Esther and Happy Mothers Day! :)
I'm going to hadcraft fair too on Saturday (going to buy a bit yarn and see what's new :))

Jackie said...

Enjoy your pizza and cake! and try not to spend too much at the Stitch and Craft Show - although I suspect the temptation will just be too much!! :O)

Anonymous said...

You are lucky !!! It's one of my dreams to go that fair in London. Gosh !! I envy you , have a great time there!!

Jenny said...

Hope you have a hoot! The whole itinerary sounds fantastic.

LizzieJane said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the weekend, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds wonderful:) Have fun dear! BTW I received your lovely letter yesterday and ofcourse I still want to write with you! I will write you soon as I can:) Hugs Mir