09 February 2009

Leah and the chicken ladies......

Whilst Dad had Leah for me on Wednesday, he took some darling pictures of her in the garden with the chooks. She always looks so engrossed in them!

She also had a mooch around the brussels - luckily most of them have been picked :o)


LizzieJane said...

Oh my goodness she is getting sweeter every day. I love to see a little one all bundled up and getting some wonderful fresh air!

Jackie said...

Looks like she's having a great time exploring the garden :O)

Vonnie said...

How cute! We keep a variety of hens and my kids just love going out to the coop to check for eggs - even better when the egg is still warm! It's amazing how interested it makes them in where their food comes from :)

Kyoko said...

AAAwww, She looks like she is definitely having a great time! Chicken ladies! I love it ☺
Are they yours? Are they difficult to look after? I am so interested!

Chars said...

Leah is certainly growing up - She looks so cute in her warm gear.

Its amazing how much animals teach kids at an early age.

hugs xx

ps I have a new blog if you are interested?