04 February 2009

I'm dreaming of a white.....February?!?

As with the rest of the country, we had some snow on Monday, and as I look back at our photos, a bit more than I remember. It always amazes me how everything comes to a halt when we get snow - but I suppose unlike countries that get it all the time its not worth the time and effort for the small amount that falls. Saying that i still like it and wish we had more!

Leah loved the snow and couldn't wait to go outside :o)

I think she enjoyed being in the garden, as it's the first proper snow she's seen and been able to enjoy. As she watched it fall all she could say was 'WOW!' repeatedly! When we got back inside she even wanted to go back out in her slippers, now that's dedication :o)

We tried to make a snowman, but as I didn't have my gloves on (stupid me!) we didn't get that far and Leah was too interested in trying to demolish it anyway. I managed to take a picture before she knocked it's head off!

(see the above said snowman pre beheading!) I can't actually remember the last time I made a snowman properly...


Busy little Bee said...

You have snow? That is so cousy and beautiful! We also have snow, a half meter of it and now the second blizzard has started. Tomorrow me might actually get another half meter...!! That is very much snow around these parts.:o) I love it! But our roads are pure ice so it is so slippery to walk and to drive. Hope it gets better.:o)
I have sent you a mail with a getting to know your friend sunject. I hope you might take your time to answer it as I don't know you so much.:o) Either way, I would be very happy if you could send me an easy pattern.:o)
Big hugs

Kat said...

We had lots of snow too and now its snowing heavinly and steadily again today and we have had another 3 inches already! I think knittins and snow are a perfect combination, as its an excuse to stay home from work to knit!

Denise said...

I miss the snow here in Austin, TX - but really I only like it just before Christmas anyway! It's nice to see the kids enjoy it though, I used to love it when I was little too :-)

LizzieJane said...

She looks like she is having so much fun in the snow, and my goodness is she growing.
What lovely pics!

Busy little Bee said...

Thank you so much for the patterns for the socks. Now I only need to translate some words. I am stuck on the word stockinette and can't find it in my dictionary. My guess is that it means the oposite from purling? Am I wrong? And in the super easy one they mentioned slip,slip knit... I don't think I saw it in the pattern, but that one I have no clue whatsoever... Please help! ;o)

Busy little Bee said...

By the way, I came across a very nice site on patterns. It's in Norwegian, swedish and danish though, but you might want to have a look at www.garnstudio.com The word oppskrift means patterns.:o)