18 February 2009

Blog award!

There have been plenty of these awards doing the rounds at the moment, and as Jackie over at Button Tree Crafts was kind enough to award me, I thought it only polite to return the favour.

I have to tell you 5 things I am addicted to and pass it on to 5 more lovely blogs.
Here are my 5 things - and congratulations to Cotton and Cloud, The Knitting Den, Frazzy Dazzles, JoJo-Caramel and Rachael Rabbit.
so, the 5 things I am addicted to are:-
1. My daughter - I just can't get enough! I love to kiss and cuddle her and when she gives me a kiss of her own accord I just melt :o)
2. Horse riding and horses - although I can still get nervous there is nothing better than feeling the wind in my face during a canter or gallop.
3. Knitting and yarn- say no more; especially with the size of my stash growing, and growing and growing.....
4. a good cuppa, I can't get by without one!
5. A good crime drama, nothing better than a bit of excitement on the box!


Anonymous said...

Very sweet of you Esther ! Thank you and Congratulations on yours, well deserved ! I'm always looking at your so marvellous socks, whishing i could realize such pair of socks ! Have a great day :) xo

Denise said...

awww, thank you - that made me smile today. I shall try to post to my blog soon, busy trying to get my second glove finished!

Kyoko said...

Thank you for the tag!
Your 5 things are really cool. I would love to horse ride again. I have done it when I was 14 and not since. A nice cuppa! Yes I totally agree :D

Rosie said...

Thanks Esther, sorry you have the dreaded lurgy too.
Rosie x

LizzieJane said...

Cogratulations on your well deserved blog award!

Rachael Rabbit said...

Thank you for the award ;-) I'm so excited to be 'fabulous'!!

Jenny said...

I loved your things. I will try and play along as soon as I can! jen