21 September 2009

Some more goodies!

At the weekend we popped into town to get some jeans for Richard, and as we were passing I had to look in the local wool shop.

I spied this at a reduced price, so whipped some up to make a Christmas scarf for my Mum. I didn't really have a pattern in mine, but after searching Ravelry, I came across this So Called Scarf.

The pattern is really easy to memorise and the effect isn't too bad, although I think it would look better in a smoother yarn.

Here is my WIP,

and a close up of the pattern from the side view. Not too bad I think?


Joy said...

Oh doesnt that knit up nice. I spied that in a sale also but was sceptical. It looks so good.

Busy little Bee said...

Oh, what lovely yarn for a scarf! :oD It really looks warm and soft. And I love the autumn colors on it. :o)

LizzieJane said...

I think it is a wonderful scarf. I really love the color. She will be able to wear it with just about anything.

Chars said...

Looks wonderful - your mum is a lucky lady :)