06 September 2009

Cornwall part two - the cider farm and the beach

We visited the local cider farm to taste all the jams and chutneys and to see the animals.

There is 'Stumpy' the highland cow,

some cute pigmy goats,
and some pigglies!

In the afternoon we went to Porthtowan beach as Leah was dying to get into the sea. She just loved it!

What a shame the tide was coming in - as the beach is much more beautiful when you can see the glorious sands. This isn't too bad a view anyway.


LissyLou said...

we didn't get to the cider farm. Any good??

Jenny said...

Love the photos! I have a very large soft spot for highland cows. Your little guy brought a smile to my face!

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful place to have a holiday. I have always loved highland cows. In fact I wanted one as a pet when I was a child, much to the dismay of my mother.