04 September 2009

Hello Pip Pip!

I finished a little seaside bunny today and Leah has adopted her already. I liked the way she turned out, I just found it a little difficult to attach the head as you have ot do it on top of the sailor collar rather than direct on the body.

Due to this her head is a little wobbly but still firmly attached :o)

Leah has called her 'Pip Pip'

I think she makes a wonderful model!


Busy little Bee said...

She is soooo sweet, and I love her name. That was an inventive name indeed. :o) Nice to see your pictures from your vacation. The castle looks really cool, I love castles. :o) Did you see the inside of the castle?

Joy said...

Nice bunny Esther. They are so addictive. x

LissyLou said...

inspired by your holiday no doubt?


TeddyBearsCottage said...

She's adorable!

Chiwaluv said...
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