12 December 2008

Not much has been happening around here......

This week seems to have flown by without much happening, or so it seems. I haven't finished any knitting projects and haven't done much else. One plus, I did get all my Christmas cards written and sent out, so one less thing to worry about.

When we put our tree up, we were a little concerned that Leah was going to pull everything off and end up with the tree on top of her! As you can see, she was more interested in examining everything and just taking it all in.

She loves the baubles and little stockings, but luckily has left them all on the tree. One thing she has learnt this week is how to push herself along on her little truck. It was a present for her birthday, but has been in the loft ever since as she didn't want to go anywhere near it. When we got the Christmas decorations down, we saw it up there and she has been stuck to it ever since. Her favourite thing is to be pushed along on the wooden floor whilst lifting her feet up to go faster!

I am hoping to finish my two sock projects soon, but whether they will be done in time for Christmas is a different story. Neither was supposed to be a present, so if I finish them in time it will be a bonus. Once they are done I have a pair on mind for a friend who I know will love them!
That's all for my unevenful week, hopefully something more exciting will happen this weekend - hopefully it won;t involve, me, a horse and the ground!


Denise said...

How cute. Hope she continues to enjoy it all :-)

LizzieJane said...

What wonderful photo's, she really seems to be concentrating on all the lovely things on the tree.