15 December 2008

Been shopping today..

Leah and I went food shopping this morning and her treat for being good is a ride at the end!

Today, as always she went on the Noddy ride and really enjoyed herself. When she first went on it she wasn't quite sure, but now she's a real old hand at it! I did run out of change, so she could only sit on the Bob The Builder ride.

I don't think she minded too much! She even posed for the photos today :o)


Jackie said...

My kids used to love these rides, they still make a bee-line for them when we go shopping, although they are getting a bit big for them now!

LizzieJane said...

My daughter loved those rides, even when she was just a bit to big to fit in them, Leah looks like she is having so much fun!

Kyoko said...

Isn't she so cute!!!??? My nephew is just over 2 and he is a lot of fun. I bet there are lots of Christmas prezzie waiting for her!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!