05 December 2008

The leafy socks......

My friend wanted a pair of knitted socks, so I said I would make her a pair with pleasure :o) I wasn't sure what type of pattern to do - so thought I would do the embossed leaves socks by Mona Schmidt as it was a pattern I wanted to do anyway and I love all the socks in that pattern I have seen.

I am halfway through the first sock and wish she didn't want grey socks. I don't think the yarn is quite suited to the pattern, as a smoother yarn would make the leaves more outlined.

You can still see them, just not as much as I had hoped unfortunately. I am also finding the pattern a bit of a strange one!

All the sock patterns I have followed so far pick up stitches from the heel flap by continuing after the last heel row, then across the instep and up the other side, ending in the centre of the heel for the round. This one requires breaking off the yarn and joining down the opposite heel edge first, so that the end of the round is just before the heel (although the pattern says the centre of the heel is the beginning of the round, the way the needles are numbered doesn't tie up to this) so very odd! here is also a random M1 that doesn't tie in with the pattern (??) anyone else found this weird?? Other than the strange way it is written I haven't had any problems with the pattern itself - it is quite easy to remember! I think if I make these for myself I might change the way the heel is picked up and knit it in my 'normal- way.....

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LizzieJane said...

I think your friend is very lucky indeed to get a wonderful pair of socks knitted for her, they look like they will be very warm and toasty!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!