04 January 2009

Not much happening due to a little someone....

There hasn't been much time for anything of a knitted theme lately, as Leah (who is suffering with a cold as well as the rest of us) and hasn't wanted to sleep in the evenings. She goes down well at first but keeps waking again and again - so as you can imagine the knitting has been interrupted!

I have managed to make this simple facecloth - I have seen so many on Ravelry so thought I'd give one a go. I am also finishing off the embossed leaves socks for my friend, so hopefully that won't take too long now.

I did squeeze in a two hour ride over the holidays, as really enjoyed riding in the cold. There were a few problems during the two hours (one man pulling a muscle and a young girl falling off) so we ended up being out for two and a half hours, not that I minded!

I now have to look forward to (GULP!) being without a kitchen for two weeks starting the twelfth of January while we have the new one fitted. I know it will be worth it but I am dreading it already!!

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