09 January 2009

Another FO......

This is the latest cardigan I have made for Leah. It took a bit longer as it was made in Sirdar Snuggly 4ply, but I am pleased with how it turned out. I see a lot of blogs and entries on ravelry where people have used beautiful yarns for baby garments, but in my opinion acrylic based ones are better for kids as they are harder wearing, easier to wash and dry and are so soft. The yarns costs a little less too!

I tried to put it on her to model it this morning but she wasn't having it at all! Maybe soon I'll have a picture of her in it!


Denise said...

That's very pretty, and I totally agree about the baby clothes. Acrylic is very soft and the fact you can just through it in the washer is a plus - not to mention the cost. I'd hate to spend a ton of money on fancy yarn for a little one only to end up with juice stains on it that won't come out!!

Kyoko said...

Oh WOW!!!! Before I read the post and by just seeing the photo, i thought you bought it. It is sooooo beautiful. The stitches are so neat as well. Lovely colour. It is great to know about the use of different yarns. My middle sister will have her baby in August so I know what sort of yarn to use for the baby in winter :D
I will find you on Ravelry soon.
So many knitting!