12 March 2011

Six years ago today......

Six years ago we were waking up to a beautiful, crisp March morning, and by that evening we would be married!

It was a lovely day, and we wouldn't have changed a thing, well apart from the freezing cold weather. Didn't spoil a thing.

We now have two beautiful daughters who make it all so worthwhile. I am just pleased we are all safe and well, and my thoughts go out to all the people in Japan who have lost their lives, homes, family and livelihood. It really makes you thank God for having everything that we have, when some people around the world have been left with nothing.


Bubbles said...

I can't believe its been six years it all seems like yesterday and Leah's already in school... time flies. (It will be 5 years in August for me but life is still pretty much the same)

It is devasting seeing the footage or Japan and indeed really makes you appreciate what you have.

Acornbud said...

Happy Anniversary! Have many more happy years!
The Japan videos are sobering and do truly make one think about the big picture.

rita jean said...

How sweet...Happy Anniversary!!!
It's so sad to hear of so much tragedy...I'm sure glad God is in control, and knows what's going on...so good to know we can turn to him with anything and everything!

Heldasland said...

Happy Anniversary