29 January 2011

Sorry about my absence...............

I don't know why, but everything has been going wrong lately. For some reason the laptop stopped working and had to be sent back to the manufacturer (which is why I haven't been around of late).

To top that off we have a dishwasher that isn't washing properly, a boiler that is leaking, the shower broke (and is now replaced thankfully) and lights on the hob cover which have a life of their own. All in all not a great start to 2011.

We are also trying to get Evie to go to sleep on her own at night, and a week on it's still as hard as ever. She screams so much, I'm hoping soon it will take less time, less effort and less stress!

I have been able to do some knitting despite less time in the evenings (due to the sleep - or lack of it - training).

I've started to make up the crochet hexagon blanket I have been working on, to see how the colours work out. I am running low on the cream for the outer hexagons, so will have to continue making the inners until my LYS has some more in stock, else I will have to resort to t'internet.

I made a slip over vest/tank top for Evie, but once it was finished I've realised that the 56cm chest will fit Leah, so she has adopted it instead. I'll make Evie some other kind of vest I think.
I made this cardigan for Evie and although it was for 3ply yarn I used 4ply and it turned out ok. I was running quite short when it came to the button border, so I used some cream yarn for it and knitted the last row and cast off in the main body colour instead. I think it turned out ok and I really like the little vintage shank buttons.

Lastly I finished off this bolero that I started when Leah was just two! I'm not over keen on the yarn but as it was such a bargain I thought I would use it up anyway as this only took 2 balls. it will fit Evie in a few months time, so she may be able to wear it in the summer.
That's about all for now, I am going to try and catch up on all my favourite blogs now - I may be some time!


Bubbles said...

Its annoying when everything starts to fall to pieces around the same time but hopefully all will be sorted soon.

I love the blanket... seeing all your creations tempts me into trying it but I know already that I don't have enough patience for it.

Sue said...

It sounds like my year is similar to yours. We have a leaking radiator in the car, the steam mop caught fire yesterday and the iron had to be replaced just before xmas. Your knits look very pretty. I used to have trouble with my daughter going to sleep too, maybe put some music on the radio softly while you put her down might help.

Joy said...

Oh my goodness, I truly loathe when things all gang up on you together. i am sure they are in cahoots.
Loving the crochet, no still havent learned. I will I promise.
Evie will settle with some perseverance. both mine seemed like lost causes but with gritted teeth and a few walks to the bottom of the garden (me, not them) they sorted themselves out. Also, hoover! they love the sound and you cant hear them, lol! Mind you that could become a habit too.

LizzieJane said...

It seems that everything always goes wrong all at once.. it's just plain annoying isn't it!
Loving the colors of your crochet blanket. I do hope soon that little Evie will settle down and going to sleep won't be so stressful for her and you. Hang in there.

Busy little Bee said...

Hi Esther, I am sorry to hear about all the stuff that started wrong in 2011 for you. Hopefully they all did this in the start of the year, so you can have a super year the rest of the year. =)

Hugs Beate

The Wittering Knitter said...

Oh what a nightmare few weeks. I guess on the upside (isn't it annoying when people say that!!) at least things can only get better and better as the year goes on. Loving the knitting and crochet that you've been doing. You must be super fast to make these up so quickly. I, on the other hand, am super slow! ;) Hope you have a better time in February x