05 January 2011

New Year resolutions??

Have you made any new year resolutions?

I don't tend to make any that involve fitness or weight loss, as these ones usually go out the window within the first week.

Instead I tried to think of some that would actually mean something.

The first is to be more patient with the children, Easier said than done, but it is something I want to try. I think there will be plenty of counting to 10 before reacting!

Another is to make more time for my friends. Since having Evie I have rather sidelined my friends, more out of habit than anything else, so this year if i get asked to do anything with them I will be trying my hardest to go along.

A bit of a selfish one is for myself - to try and finish a project before srarting a new one. Or at least finishing all of my WIPs!

The last is to walk at every opportunity rather than taking the car. It may mean that I will have to get up earlier (!!) or get myself and the children more organised, but I will be giving it my best shot.

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The Wittering Knitter said...

Hello! I am new to your blog and found you through Frazzy Dazzles. I am loving the chook, knitting and bird theme through your blog. I am definitely with you on the finishing WIPs, I am terrible for it. And as for the dietary resolutions, I think the fact that I've made chocolate brownies and cookies in the last week (in fact the cookies are just in the oven now!) speaks volumes about my dietary resolutions :D I'll be sure to visit again!