09 December 2010

Some snowy garden pictures

My garden always looks so different in the snow. I think everywhere does under the blanket of whiteness.

This crow was waiting for me to go indoors so he could eat some of the goodies I put our for all the birds. I love watching to see what appears in the garden.

Yum, yum, yum!

I really haven't a clue what this plant is, but under the white I could see some yellow bits poking out and though it looked rather stunning!


periwinkle said...

we've still got loads of snow too , it's like a winter wonderland . I think your plant is a Mahonia.

Busy little Bee said...

Hi Esther. It looks lovely with the snow, it's very Christmasy. I wish you happy holidays with your family and friends, and all the best for the year to come. =)