21 December 2010

Preparing for Christmas

The last few days before Christmas are always busy, let alone when you're youngest isn't sleeping due to an ear infection. Luckily the antibiotics seem to be working, so we're in for a better Christmas than it could have been.

The tree is up and decorated, although parents of young children know how tempting it is for the kiddlies to mess with the tree. I'm constantly redressing it where Leah has been fiddling to make it 'better'!

We madesome decorative presents to go on the tree this year, from mini cereal boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon.So easy yey so effective. They look great although I haven't been able to photograph them well enough yet.

I even put my sewing skills (?) to the test this year and made one - yes one - felt bauble. TA DA!

Today Leah and I made some very tasty mince pies, and even though I told her that raw pastry was not very nice, she didn't believe me and went ahead and ate it. It was spat out and left on the worktop - need I say more?
They are very tasty anyway, especially with a cup of tea. Not bad for my own pastry making skills - the chicken liver pate is being made tomorrow. Wish me luck!

We had a big dump of snow of saturday, and I managed to get into the garden quite soon after to take some photos.
The apple tree looked so pretty I just had to show you the picture of this snow covered branch.

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